What is fTLD?

fTLD Registry is the domain authority for .Bank and .Insurance–the most trusted and only exclusive domain extensions for banks, insurers, and producers. Our mission is to offer these industry created and governed domains to shield against cyberattacks and fraud, delivering peace of mind with website and email security. We’re not just a domain registry operator, we’re your partner in achieving top-tier domain security.

More about fTLD

Since 2011, fTLD Registry has collaborated with experts in cybersecurity, domain security, and the banking and insurance sectors to develop Security Requirements that mitigate cyber threats such as phishing, spoofing, cybersquatting, and man-in-the-middle attacks. fTLD has continued to enhance these requirements to address new and evolving cybersecurity threats to provide more secure and trusted online interactions for the financial services sector and their customers using .Bank and .Insurance domains.

Our Brands

.Bank revolutionizes online security for banks and their customers with an exclusive domain extension that shields against cyberattacks and fraud.

More than a marketing tool, designed to protect sensitive data of customers and trusted interactions in the insurance sector. Providing a secure website and email for insurers and producers to grow your market and protect your good name.


Registrar questions: registrar@fTLD.com  or +1 408 316 7202